law-de-minimis amount of money             

Forty-One Cents

In his third issue, appellant contends that the trial court orally pronounced that he should pay
future child support in the amount of $1,288 but that the judgment subsequently entered by the
court required him to pay child support in the amount of $1,288.41.  Thus, this issue involves
the sum of an additional forty-one cents a month in child support payments.

In orally pronouncing the court's judgment, the trial court stated as follows:  "Alright.  The Court
will order that the child support [payment] will be raised to $1,288, effective November 1st,
2006."  The parties expressly stated the amount of $1,288.41 in advising the court of the
amount of monthly child support appellant should be paying in the future.  In light of the parties'
agreement that the correct amount of future child support was $1,288.41 and the de minimis
difference between $1,288.00 and $1,288.41, we conclude that the terms of the judgment do
not exceed the amount orally pronounced by the trial court.  Appellant's third issue is overruled.
IN THE INTEREST OF L.K.K. AND C.M.K., CHILDREN; from Montgomery County; 11th
district (
11-07-00106-CV, ___ SW3d ___, 09‑11‑08)(child support modification, denial of credit
for voluntary overpayment,
findings of facts)