MARIA GLORIA NASH v. BRENDA GRAY; from Tarrant County; 2nd district
(02-07-00351-CV, ___ SW3d ___, 06-19-08)(dispute over life insurance proceeds, current and former wife)

This is a life insurance case.  The question before the court is whether a disputed portion of the policy's death
benefit is payable to Appellant Brenda Gray - the insured's ex-wife and the policy's designated beneficiary - or
to Appellee Maria Gloria Nash ("Gloria") - the insured's wife at the time of his death.  We reverse the trial
court's summary judgment in favor of Gloria and render judgment in favor of Brenda.

DAVID WAYNE SMITH AND DANA L. MAYOR v. MARY LINDA MCCALL; from Harris County; 14th district
(14-07-00032-CV, 252 SW3d 663, 04-03-08)(divorce and life insurance, probate court)